Some Kind Words

We are so appreciative of these kind words

We feel so fortunate to have found DanceStars when our daughter was very young and so we have stayed with you for 6 years and counting! 

The school and its teachers have achieved the perfect balance of driving students to achieve their full potential while also considering each child as a unique individual. Keeping the fun in lessons is also important and DanceStars manages this too. 

Lastly, we really appreciate the clear and kind communication with parents.  We are always made to feel a part of the DS family also and Sarah is a gem on all logistics, queries, etc.  Thank you so much!

Nicole Veinot (parent)

Best Dance School in Surrey !!

My daughter has been at Dancestars for nearly 10 years and has loved every minute.

We cannot recommend Miss Clare and her team enough !!

Our daughter has made some wonderful friends and enjoyed some amazing experiences during her Dancestars journey

Yvette Quin (parent)

Annie started dancing with Dancestars when she was about 4 years old. She loves it so much she takes part in Ballet, Modern, Tap and Dance Troupe lessons.

Miss Clare and her staff are super committed to developing their pupils’ skills, trying to develop the whole person, not just the dancing skills. As a result my daughter’s confidence has grown exponentially. Miss Clare rewards commitment and hard work amongst her pupils more than just talent and Annie has been given the space to develop at her own pace; which when she was small was slower than some of her peer group. Through support and encouragement to keep going, she is now reaching her potential and becoming a really talented dancer – this would not have been possible without the positive, supportive, patient and encouraging environment that Miss Clare and Dancestars provide for their pupils to flourish in a safe and caring environment enabling my daughter to truly start reaching her potential and teaching her a valuable life lesson about committing wholeheartedly and reaping the rewards. 

Annie has made some wonderful friends from other schools and loves more than anything her weekly dance classes.     

Celia Malins (parent)

Dancestars is truly a wonderful dance school, offering an impressive array of dance classes. The teaching is of an exceptional standard and this is reflected in the outstanding results the students attain year after year. The combination of quality management, quality teaching, student dedication and teamwork, is the ingredient to an excellent dance school where teachers, students and parents are happy. 

Our daughters are 15 and 17 years old now and DS has played an important part in their life since they were 3 years old. Their confidence continues to excel, as well as their love for dance. One of our daughters eagerly dances as a hobby and for stress release from her academic studies; the other has become a passionate dancer who is planning her future in the dancing world. They are both equally supported by their wonderful teachers. 

They are both very proud to be DS students and cannot imagine their life without dancing. 

Kristina Vakulya (parent)

Dancestars is a fantastic dance school which teaches technical skills, musicality and performance. But most importantly it teaches the kids to develop a passion for dance and to be physically confident. I just wish they did classes for adults.

Emma Chisholm (parent)

I have been dancing at Dancestars for over 13 years and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I would recommend Dancestars for anyone who wants to have fun, learn new things and dance.

Phoebe Jenkins (student)

We have been with Miss Clare and Dancestars for over 7 years and my girls have loved every minute- and progressed as dancers. Would absolutely recommend this professional yet fun and energetic dance school! The passion from Miss Clare and the teachers is what makes it special!

Kate Paterson (parent)

I trained at Dancestars for 9 years doing all sorts of classes and genres of dance and have now progressed into becoming a teacher which I absolutely love!! The whole team is lovely and I am so grateful for the exceptional training I received when I was a student and now the support I get now whilst being a teacher is just great. I was given countless and amazing opportunities which gave me the experience I needed to step out into the real world. I wouldn’t recommend any other dance school to anyone apart from Dancestars! One well and truly amazing school

Phoebe Jenkins (student)